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Mobile price bd: is the fastest growing online tech media in Bangladesh, covering and reviewing various gadgets and digital relevant products and services. Since it launched in 2021, Mobilepricebd has been growing rapidly from 0 to 1 million monthly unique visitors. We are dedicated to get the latest  Mobile news, in depth reviews, specifications, all SmartPhone Price in Bangladesh & Full Specifications and more for tech products and services.

[Mobilepricebd] is not solely a tech media portal. We also provide unique and powerful tools which allow tech savvy influencers and future buyers to research and compare the features and price of tech gadgets and devices before making a purchase decision.
We simply describe ourselves as tech geeks – and proudly so! That’s why you can expect some really fair, straightforward and unbiased reviews and criticism from us. Well, that’s basically what we have been doing all these years.

We have been in the market for almost a decade now and are pioneers in Bangladesh tech industry. Over the years we have been successful in bringing up some seriously tech nerds guys passionate about the industry, which set the stage for our global launch in 2021. Today we are an international mobile technological comparison, review, critics and analysis platform and leading the market share in terms of visitors in UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada and many other markets in the world. Our database comprises of over 5000 mobile phones and tablets from more than 100 international manufacturers.

Top Brand In Mobile Price Bd

No Brand Name No. Brand Name
6. XIAOMI 12. Alcatel
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Over the years, we have been delivering most reliable and up-to-date tech insights to our customers and are now among the leading technology reviews and news site. We have 800 plus previews, reviews and comparisons which wrap all main devices till date. We have services of some of the best editors across different countries that are backed by some heavyweight’s tech expert publishers and above all statistical data from our core labs.

You can expect the latest happenings in mobile tech industry around the world. Our experienced and passionate writers will load some truly amazing comparisons between prices and technology for latest mobiles – so you know what you really need to buy. Simultaneously, we will also be throwing firsthand reviews of each gadget so you always stay updated. You can also learn the latest technology used and how it can really help you out.

Do you want to know about us? If you have any interest in us and wanted to know the motive behind the launch of this Mobile-price-bd.com website. Then you are on the right page. On this page, you can find out all of the answers to your questions, what you want to know. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s back to the topic.

"Mobile-price-bd.com" was founded in December 2020 as a mobile phone information site of Bangladesh. Design by By Onlinekaj.com

(Mobile price bd) aims to be the most useful and trusted mobile phone info site of Bangladesh. We are serving an online database of carefully selected fine quality latest mobile phones, their prices, full specifications, reviews etc. for the benefit of the consumers. Phones in our site can be found by different useful categories such as brands, price range, device types, discounts etc. We are not a seller and we do not sell any products via {Mobile-price-bd.com}

We show the official-unofficial prices of new-old mobiles on the website for the convenience of our visitors. This makes it easier for customers to buy mobiles. They can make mobile choices according to their budget.

We take the official price of each mobile from the official website according to the brand and update it on our website. There is no possibility of providing any wrong information.

As a result, we can tell customers the exact price of the product. Official and unofficial types of phones are in high demand these days. There are many shops in Bangladesh that sell unofficial phones. Our team updates the website knowing the unofficial prices of unofficial phones from the top stores of all those stores.

This is how we emphasize the content of our website. We never misinform our customers. People are just wrong. It is normal to make mistakes. So if you notice any mistakes, you can let us know by commenting or submitting the form on the contact page. Do you want to know more information about us? If you have any questions about us, you can frequently ask it on the contact us page.

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Mobile price bd provide new mobile updates and news to customers. We have designed every page and product of our website in such a way that you can get all the details of mobile at your fingertips. If you want, you can easily compare different products with just one click. You can also get reviews of every mobile on our site.

Top Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Mobile Name
Price in BD Monthly Visits
1.Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ৳17,4993/32 GB 33,525
2. Samsung A20 ৳15,9903 GB 28,564
3. Xiaomi Redmi 7 ৳12,9992/16 GB 26,982
4. Xiaomi Redmi S2 ৳27,990 8/128 GB 26,512
5. Samsung Galaxy M30s ৳27,490 6/128 GB 26,361
6.Xiaomi Redmi S2 ৳14,999 3/32 GB 25,853
7. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 ৳১,৪৮,৯৯৯ 12GB RAM 24,970
8. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ৳99,999 8/256 GB 22,238
9. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip ৳149,999 8/256GB
10.Samsung Galaxy F41 ৳19,800 6/64 GB 19,718
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